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The magnificent gardens of the Pays d'Auge

With its 4 hectares of green spaces and its eco-museum, the Jardins du Pays d'Auge offer a sensory and visual journey rich in emotions. Wander peacefully through themed gardens for a playful and informative stroll, where you'll encounter the half-timbered architecture typical of the Normandy Pays d'Auge region.
For all these discoveries and activities, the caretaker at Saint Siméon FarmXavier Parent will be your private consultant. An ideal partner for special moments of happiness!

The apple in all its forms at Domaine Dupont

While you are at the heart of this gastronomic and flavorful Normandy, let yourself be tempted by a visit to a splendid cider estate. Just 35 minutes from Honfleur, in the heart of the Pays d'Auge, discover Domaine Dupont. The Art of the apple from every angle. In this wonderful orchard, so lovingly maintained by its family since 1858, you will be initiated into the flavors and fragrances of this fruit. An emotion, a sharing, and the admiration that the labor of men passionate about nature and beauty inspires! An unforgettable and privileged moment, leaving you enchanted by the scents of the golden fruit.

Well-being, during a journey in Normandy

For a moment of relaxation, our practitioners welcome you to the Ferme Saint Siméon. Away from it all, let your body and mind revel in absolute relaxation. We offer you our Olivier Claire treatment collections for a unique relaxing experience. These treatments can be booked in advance. Monday to Friday, 10am to 7pm, Saturday, 10am to 8pm and Sunday, 9am to 7pm.

Savor the Bénédictine at the Palais

After a brief stop in Etretat, to stroll along its wonderful cliffs, why not prolong the pleasure along the coast and meet in Fécamp, for a memorable visit to the Palais de la Bénédictine. A must-see! This eclectic building promises visitors an unexpected experience discovering the Bénédictine. On a guided tour, the journey begins with the exploration of the museum which houses a rich collection of sacred and ancient art, linked to the heritage of Bénédictine, and also presents its industrial history. The tour then leads to the world's only Bénédictine distillery, where the 19th-century hammered copper stills are located, and then to the aging cellars. Finally, visitors can enjoy a tasting of Bénédictine.

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